Golden Slipper Camp’s Mission Statement

Embracing Jewish traditions and values since 1948, Golden Slipper Camp, a not-for-profit overnight camp located in the Pocono Mountains, enriches the lives of children and young adults from varied backgrounds by providing five essential components:

  • Scholarships for deserving campers in need
  • American Camp Association (ACA) accredited programming that reflects the Jewish community’s commitment to inspiring youth
  • Diverse activities that promote teamwork, tolerance and personal growth
  • Modern facilities that enhance safety, security and comfort
  • A family-oriented environment that fosters lifelong friendships and builds self esteem

For over 70 years, thousands of children have experienced firsthand the warmth, traditions, spirit and exhilarating fun that make Golden Slipper Camp an ideal choice for the summer.

Nestled in the magnificent Pocono Mountains, Golden Slipper Camp feels special the moment you walk in. With clean, modern cabins clustered in villages and set in the woods, you get a sense that life-changing experiences take place here. And they do!

Golden Slipper is definitely more than majestic woods and cabins. At the heart of this magical camp is a team of counselors, instructors, and staff dedicated to the enjoyment, fun, health, safety and development of hundreds of campers each summer.

Most important, our campers contribute to the engaging spirit of Golden Slipper just by being themselves. Though the Camp is rooted in Jewish tradition, Golden Slipper campers are a diverse group, in culture and faith, who live and grow together, forming new lifelong relationships.

We pride ourselves on the undivided attention we give every camper. It’s an atmosphere of fun, adventure, friendship, and inspiration that” lets kids be kids”. For some, it’s their first experience being away from home. For others, it’s a rare opportunity to experience nature or learn a new sport or craft. Whatever their background or experience, each day at Golden Slipper is a new opportunity to learn, explore, and share. Fostering these experiences is how Golden Slipper Camp becomes a lasting part of kids’ lives returning to Camp summer after summer!

To learn more about what parents and campers say about Golden Slipper Camp, please contact ngilberg@goldenslipper.org.

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