A Typical Day at Golden Slipper Camp…

7:45am Reveille

8:15am Flagpole
The entire camp community gathers to raise the flag and welcome a new day.

8:20am Breakfast

9:00am Clean Up
Campers and counselors return to their cabins for cleanup, inspection, and to prepare for the day’s activities.

9:35am Inspection

10:10am 1st Morning Activity
Electives: campers choose an activity and receive extra instruction in that area.

11:00am 2nd Morning Activity
Group-based activity; instructional swim for some groups

11:50am 3rd Period Activity
Group based activity; instructional swim for some groups.

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Rest Period
Campers are encouraged to rest, read, and write letters home.

2:50pm 1st Afternoon Activity

3:40pm 2nd Afternoon Activity
Bunk activities or General Swim

4:30pm 3rd Afternoon Activity
General Swim for remainder of camp

5:15pm Showers
All campers and staff return to their bunks for showers.

6:15pm Flagpole
We lower the falg to signify the end of another great day at camp.

6:20pm Dinner

8:00pm Evening Program
There are a number of camp-wide special events and programs each session

9:30pm Friends & Taps
We end each day by joining hands and singing our evening songs reflecting on the days events.

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